Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tooling Around #2

I'm feeling growing pains.  I've visited a few teachers' blogs and have been dismayed to learn how behind I am...when their blog opens they are announcing TOOL ELEVEN.  When I scroll down to their Tool 2 I feel much better because it looks like it was tough for them too.  Their discoveries in the later tools are too mysterious to me at this point to be meaningful.  I'm comfortable speaking out publicly in this arena.  It's much more difficult to speak publicly in person.

I'm not sure we can value our comments just yet - looks like everybody is trying hard to just finish.  I know I'm having a heck of a time getting to this and keeping up with my grading.  I wish we didn't have such a ferocious race to the finish because I could spend a lot of time trying to make my way around Google Reader but there just isn't time...I'll go back and visit it when I've watched the tutorial and begin to collect sites I want to follow.  I subscribe to an AP Listserv and I harvest a lot of information and helpful website from that source.  There really is such a glut of information and tools and I'm a very shy shopper.  I prefer a quiet trip to a small boutique where I can spend an hour.

When I captured my journey through the mountains of the Lake District on a blog in 2008, I was always thrilled to see a comment (even if it was usually Mom).  On another blog I started on being vegetarian in Houston, the lack of comments lefts me uninterested in working on it; then I checked the stats, and it turns out I had a shocking number of hits.  A lot of people read and don't comment!  So if audience matters, check that.

I am enjoying seeing all the techy sites out there, but I don't have time to learn how to do much now.  I have 9 tools to go.


  1. Your post is much more interesting than mine though. Don't worry, it gets a bit easier. I can help you if you like, it isn't a problem.

  2. Time is always a factor! I hope that you can find the time to revisit some ideas/sites/tools this summer if that works better for you! For a long time, I visited blogs regularly and consumed but never contributed. I am getting better about sharing my thoughts as it is the conversation that is key! I like the fact that I can learn and grow at 5 AM or 10 PM in my rocking chair rather than always taking up my late afternoons when I need some down time.