Monday, January 30, 2012

Tooling Around #4

I created a document to share with my Eng III AP team because we are trying something new this year and we haven't met to discuss it; this document will give us something to chew on and edit.

I created a pop quiz question FORM for my students to make sure they are keeping up with their reading. Feedback involves questions of efficacy - how much easier is it to just post the same question on the Active Board and have the kids write the answer down? I'll have to figure out how to tap into this.

My team often shares documents through attachments, but particularly with the one I shared today where I could use input and help, I can see how googledocs would be valuable. We always allow ourselves some room to be different, but we're always very much interested in what each of us is doing.

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  1. I love the google docs ability to have other's editing the same document. Nice feature.