Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tooling Around #10

Well, I’m spooked after reading about my Digital Dossier. Which took my mind off the frustration of being censored for digital safety in my Blog #4 because 60 minutes used the N-word to educate their audience about the censorship issues raised by the recent revised Huck Finn. We’ve all had trying times when a site we want won’t get through the firewall. Whatever it is, the kids will see at home; it’s a “not under my roof” system. I can’t blame the district for wanting to try to be safe and I’m usually not sabotaged significantly

I was fascinated by the deep web. I actually hadn’t realized how manipulated I was by GOOGLE until I heard Alan November speak, and I’ve grown very resentful of the narrow focus they likely give my searches. One colleague mentioned she has a different google profile on her home computer. I’m also concerned about the student’s research skills. Right now the seniors are doing issue-based research, and I continue to be surprised by their innocence about sources and their lack of curiosity about an author and his credibility and authority. They want information quick, and sometimes they are not discerning as a result. The good news, they seem interested in learning about the difference between a rant by a site called Dixie Rising and a scholar on the same subject.

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