Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tooling Around #5

OMG!  I just saw my blog and my video on Tolling Around #3 from 60 minutes was censored and you can't see it.  It will keep people guessing, but I'd rather they get to see it.  My students recently argued about the appropriateness of the newly published altered version of Huck Finn where the N-word was replaced with "slave."  Great discussion on a number of levels, and this video was a a great story on it.  I can't believe the district blocked it!

Okay, on to animoto and Prezi.  We've been using them in the classroom for a couple of years for book group presentations.  Right now kids are using it to explore an aspect of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn:  regionalism, Twain's critique of religion, Jim as father, friend and human, etc.  I'm embedding one I made to introduce A Tale of Two Cities to my students..

I first saw Prezi on a TED talk and was wowed by its rabbit hole approach.  I used to have the students do paper mind maps of books we read, but when I offered them Prezi as an option, most seize upon it.  They can assign greater value/space to a variety of angles and never run out of paper.  They are also clever about the pathways, sometimes diving into the pupil of a person, the face of a coin, you get it.  Some students have chosen to make a Prezi for their Huck project.  Rather than embed one of mine, I'm going to embed one made by a student. It's almost finished, due tomorrow, but I think it's looking great!

Actually, I'm afraid I won't pass if I don't embed one I did - which is I suppose part of the point. I made this in 2010, and it has a sadly obvious lack of imagination, but here goes:

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