Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tooling Around #7

Content Objective: Students will learn attitudes and opinions of students in other countries on current issues such as national health care, the government’s responsibility to its citizens beyond safety, outsourcing jobs, freedom of speech, our responsibility for global warming, American intervention in crises, etc.

When: Trial run after Spring Break
How: Skype, video if possible.

Where: students are volunteering their connections: So far we have London, Singapore, Japan, China, and most significantly Tripoli where school is actually not currently in session because of the current crises, but where I would like to concentrate my efforts. We had Dr. Jan Faber, who was visiting the UH Honors College last year from the Hague, speak to my students about the humanitarian causes for war. He told us that school children in conflict areas suffer deeply from a lack of contact with the world. Tripoli is therefore my first goal.

Complications: Time zones. We will have to negotiate for flexibility for students to attend a skype session that will not be in their class period, but which must take place sensitive to time zone differences.

Preparations: My students should prepare and send their questions in advance; this isn’t a time for impromptu responses, but a thoughtful interchange.

Why: Curriculum: All of my classes are either Dual Credit rhetoric and Composition or AP Language and Composition, both of which are focused on issues and argument. In order to prepare for the general argument and synthesis questions on the AP exam, students should be conversant in current events and global issues in order to develop argument and evidence. Similarly, college students (Dual Credit) should be having these conversations.

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