Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tooling Around #8

The ipad

I confess I love it's thin shape, it's always on when I open it up. It's fast. Sweet.

But I (will have) 4 for the class of 30. Hmmmm. I brainstormed with that class and they are incredibly wonderful, clever kids. They told me about ibooks, so I could load the assigned class book (doubtless written by a dead white man! - no domain, no TM transgressions) for the student who didn't bring their book. (But I usually have a few paper copies for that purpose.)

We talked about dropbox as a mechanism to move work off the ipad - the printer or the active boasrd.

The flashcard app seems to be the big dang deal, but they can do that on their phone. As an individual, I'm in love with it. As a teacher who has to figure out how to share 4 30-ways, I'm puzzled. When I offered my 5 class laptops, the macbook and the ipad to students today to work on their research paper, nobody took the ipad.

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